The temporomandibular joint, or jaw joint, allows you to open and close your mouth, speak, swallow and chew food. Dysfunction of the joint may result in symptoms like clicking and popping sounds, headaches, neck and facial pain, locking of the jaw and ringing in the ears.

The TMJ joints partconsist of a large group of muscles, ligaments and bones that work together as a system. Because of this complex system, a problem in one area can cause symptoms elsewhere. Many things can trigger TMJ disorder, such as trauma to the face, whiplash, bad posture, an uneven bite (malocclusion) where the teeth are not being able to properly support the jaw. This can occur from missing teeth, misaligned teeth, or back teeth that are too short.

When this condition is prolonged, the body begins to compensate by involving muscles in other areas such as the neck, throat, and upper and lower back, arms, etc.

If you suffer from head, neck, or facial pain, Dr. Robin and Dr. Matt, here in our Smithville and Plattsburg offices can help to relieve symptoms and restore optimum jaw function. Dental treatment could involve the use of splints, bite plates or functional appliances can be used to reposition the lower jaw. At Hildebrand Dental, all of our mouth guards and appliances are custom designed and fitted to provide maximum relief and comfort. Dr. Robin or Dr. Matt will personally assess your mouth and jaw, take any needed x-rays and impressions, and collaborate with our top labs to design a custom guard that meets your specific needs.

If you or someone you know has chronic headaches, neck and shoulder stiffness, ringing in the ears or even dizziness, speak with either Dr. Robin or Dr. Matt.

“After suffering from headaches and migraines for years, I was finally told that I had bruxism and clenched and ground my teeth at night. Dr. Hildebrand created two different night guards for me that I rotate wearing each night. After my first night wearing it I could tell a difference. Almost a year later, my headaches and migraines have become less frequent and I don’t have as much jaw pain. I can’t thank them enough!” – A happy patient of Dr. Hildebrand’s

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