Adult Hygiene

Dental Hygine Periodontal Health

At Hildebrand Dental, we want our adult patients to understand just how important thorough cleanings and proper dental hygiene are in between your vital, regularly scheduled hygiene appointments. Dr. Robin and Dr. Matt feel that it is important that our adult patients realize that their periodontal (gum) maintenance cleanings ensure healthier teeth and an overall healthy oral condition. Your oral health also reflects on your overall health, as the plaque that forms on the inside of your mouth needs to be removed constantly to prevent problems such as heart disease.

Our hygienists are very experienced at treating our adult patients and communicate everything they need to know about their oral hygiene and how the state of their mouth affects their overall health. Our team will educate you on how to utilize your electric toothbrush, floss and other types of adult “cleaning systems” to ensure you have the healthiest oral care and maintenance systems possible.

If you have any questions about your oral hygiene, speak with either Dr. Robin, Dr. Matt, or any one of our Hildebrand Dental team members today.


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